Advertising – PostBus advertising space

Advertising – PostBus advertising space

Overview of advertisement options anywhere the PostBus goes

Advertisement placed in public transport vehicles has proven to achieve a high degree of recognition with various client segments. According to a survey, 75% of the population can remember the subjects on advertising spaces. You can place your advertisement on more than 800 PostBus routes with 1800 postbuses and 1'500 screens. Our advertisement partners APG Traffic for advertisement inside / outside the postbus, and Livesystems AG for on-screen advertising will be happy to consult with you (see the links given).

Advertising on interior and exterior surfaces

For detailed information please contact the company  APG-Traffic.

  • Interior advertising using flexible advertising media, such as suspended cardboard and window transparencies, are repeatedly noticed by passengers during the journey. In addition, advertising media can be used regionally and for the short term.
  • Advertising along the roof with the 4 - 8 m long advertising formats on the sides of the vehicle roofs can be recognised from a long distance away.
  • With side advertising in various formats, you can address pedestrians.
  • Rear advertising is placed at the drivers' eye-level and addresses this segment in a targeted manner.
  • Full or rear design is suitable for large-scale and moving advertising in a specific geographical area.
  • Traffic Board, the large-scale side advertising allows an unobstructed view outside.

On-screen advertisement

For detailed information please contact the company  Livesystems AG.

Passengertv stands for up-to-date news and advertisement in public transport. Animation and pictures appearing on the centrally placed screens inside the vehicles attract the passengers‘ attention and assure a good reception of your advertisement message.

Advertisement at our bus stops

For detailed information please contact the company  APG-Traffic.

By placing your advertisement on our bus stop panels, you can reach passengers as well as passers-by at the PostBus stops. Your advertisement will be part of the highly frequented key access points of public transport. You can be assured of a high level of attention by the public over a certain period of time which helps to increase and secure the long-term recognition of your campaign.

WiFi Landing Page

For detailed information please get in contact with an E-mail to .

Passengers in 1,500 of our vehicles can go online free of charge. Our WiFi landing page with a total of approximately 80,000 visitors a week is an optimal site to place your advertisement and reach all passengers who use our WiFi on the postbus. Your advertising message will attract maximum attention. (  Detailed information about the WiFi landing page (PDF, 199 KB))

For additional information about PostBus advertising space and any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at .