The yellow class.

Welcome to the «yellow class»!

PostBus is unmistakable. When you see a yellow bus, you automatically think of PostBus. The colour of the Postbuses makes them special, as do the sound of the traditional post horn, the PostBus staff, and the company's unique history. And each of these special elements stirs up emotions. These distinguishing features and the unique PostBus attitude to life have been summarized in just three words: «The yellow class».

The «yellow class» claim summarizes exactly what PostBus stands for. In an environment that has become more competitive, the company wants to position itself more clearly and distinguish itself from its competitors. This is the only way for PostBus to maintain its position as market leader in the provision of regional public road transport. «The yellow class» summarizes the philosophy, attitude to life, competency and service performance of PostBus: If you travel on a Postbus, you're not travelling first or second-class, but yellow class. That is a huge promise – and a huge challenge for all 3,577 PostBus staff, the ambassadors of our company. This claim and the positioning of the brand take the traditional PostBus values and transport them into the present – laying the foundations of a successful future for the company. For over 100 years, innovations and emotions have been a recurrent theme in the history of PostBus. What was once known as pioneering spirit is now known as innovative spirit,

To demonstrate this spirit of innovation, PostBus will offer more and more attractive new features in the future. The introduction of the new «Mobile Tagging» technology and the «Audio Guides» on the routes crossing the Central Alps was just the beginning, followed by fuel cell postbuses, the launching of PubliBike, free Internet access on-board the postbus, and a PostBus app. Look for more innovations to come: smaller every-day improvements, but also major, ground-breaking developments to enhance the service and comfort of public transportation and to make sure that PostBus will continue to be the most pleasant way to travel.