2012 - signposting

Zurich Airport

This year, Flux 2012 focused on customer information. In addition to a wide range of services, optimum connections and short transit paths, customer information has a major impact on the attractiveness of a transport hub. The special emphasis throughout was signposting. It helps people find their way around the hub and provides information about the range of services available.

Architecture, design and the use of colours were particularly taken into account by the jury. Is it easy to find the different trains, postbuses, buses, trams and other shops and services at the transport hub? What kinds of architectural and design solutions have been chosen for the purposes of guidance and intuitive orientation? How and where passenger information systems are positioned was also assessed.  As well as how commuters and tourists are guided through the hub. Finally, the hubs were appraised for how measures were implemented particularly for people with limited mobility.

Zurich Airport provided the expert jury with the most compelling arguments. Customer orientation is solved superbly here: easy-to-understand, black and white signs which clearly stand out from the colourful advertising signs also help inexperienced travellers and foreign passengers get to their destination smoothly. This major hub's defining feature is the outstanding quality of its customer information.

The airport as traffic hub unites several means of transport such as air and private transport and public transportation under one roof. In addition, the airport is multilingual, which is consistently reflected in the signage and information provided. Alignment to the various passenger types at the airport, from seasoned travellers to occasional flyers, visitors or commuters and physically handicapped guests is a requirement the airport meets.

Despite numerous needs and a diverse range of destinations, the hub succeeds in directing its customers where they need to go with a very discreet type of signage. The signposts are detected foremost amidst intense advertising. Passenger flows are particularly well managed and separated in the right places to ease congestion. In keeping with the size of this transport hub, the airport guides its passengers in an exemplary fashion through the complex.