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PostBus in Liechtenstein

On the authority of LIECHTENSTEINmobil (LIEmobil), PostBus has operated an attractive bus network in the principality since 2001. With its well-developed synchronised timetables, PostBus transports passengers into the neighbouring state of Vorarlberg and to Switzerland. With regard to local traffic, PostBus is a reliable daily partner for commuters, school pupils and tourists alike.The timetables are continually improved in collaboration with LIEmobil.

In 2010, following an official call for tenders, PostBus was once again awarded the tender to provide the regional bus service. The contract runs for seven years with an option for a further three years. With regard to school transport, PostBus and its local partners were awarded the tenders for four lines, each running for a period of five years.

Almost 108 employees from Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland work for PostAuto Liechtenstein Anstalt. The company also enjoys a long-standing partnership with local transport companies. The professional servicing and daily maintenance of the vehicles are carried out by local firms.

With the start of business after being awarded the new contract, PostBus modernised more than half of its fleet. In December 2011 and January 2012, the transport company brought 25 new buses into service, including the first hybrid diesel buses in the country. These new buses have helped PostBus to reduce CO2 emissions and save up to 30 percent on fuel. Passengers enjoy increased comfort thanks to the low floor level when getting on and off, three doors, dual display screens and a very quiet electric engine.

PostAuto Liechtenstein Anstalt

Population 36’656
Network structure

14 bus lines  1)

4 school bus services  2)

Number of buses (incl. 2 hybrid diesel buses an 12 gas-powered buses 39
Number of employees 108
Annual turnover in CHF millions 16
Annual kilometers covered according to the timetable (in millions) 2,8
Start of collaboration with the Principality of Liechtenstein 1 June 2001

1) Line 26, Schaan – Planken, operated by PostBus in collaboration with Markus Jehle Anstalt, Planken.

2) PostBus operates four school bus lots in collaboration with its local parters Philipp Schädler Anstalt in Triesenberg, Adolf Meier Autoreisen and Transporte AG in Mauren and WMA Touristik Walter Marxer Autoreisen AG in Mauren.


PostAuto Liechtenstein Anstalt
Wuhrstrasse 25
P.O. Box 575
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein

Tel.: +423 388 29 89
Fax: +423 388 29 80