Route: Meiringen─Guttannen

PostBus Meiringen, Railway Station–Innertkirchen, Post Office (12 min.); hiking Innertkirchen─Guttannen: 3 hrs. 15 min., 9 km, Meiringen, historic starting point of the PostBus routes across the Central Alps

FamiliesGroupsCulture and enjoymentPasses and mountainsHiking and nature Tourism has transformed the village of Meiringen into an urbanized center. Situated at a traffic hub between Interlaken, Lucerne and the south, it was developed for tourism a long time ago and marks the starting point of the first PostBus crossings over the mountain roads of the Central Alps.  At the beginning of our tour we already have to overcome the first obstacle: the Kirchet, a rock barrier between Meiringen and Innertkirchen. With the postbus this is an easy hurdle to take. In Innertkirchen the walk starts out with a first ascent on the road of the 19th century past the old Urweid muleteer tavern and continuing on the muleteer trail up to "Sprengfluh", where hikers have a view of four generations of the Grimsel route: the first muleteer trail down below along the Aare, then the narrow but safer Sprengfluh path, followed by the new road through "Tonende Fluh" on the opposite side, and behind it the tunnel of the modern road across the pass.  Boden Bridge, rarely used nowadays, is located in the village of Boden. The new road crosses the Aare a few meters before the bridge and then quickly climbs up the western slope where the ViaPostaAlpina runs along the eastern side of the valley. It continues through Blindlaui and approaches the village of Guttannen from the sunny side.