Simplon Pass Route


Take a trip on the Simplon Pass Route, trace the footsteps of Napoleon, and experience an unforgettable journey from the Alpine city of Brig via the Simplon Pass to the small Italian town of Domodossola.

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  • Sacro Monte Calvario: a small Alpine jewel
      Sacro Monte Calvario: a small Alpine jewel Nature

    On the Sacred Mountain Domodossola, and sanctuary on the Mattarella Hill overlooking Domodossola, nature, faith, history and art harmoniously merge. The crucifix path, followed through the ages by pilgrims, winds its way up to the chapel– and the sacred Sacro Monte Calvario site naturally shares a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • Small Simplon Express
      Small Simplon Express Railways etc.

    On board the touristic train of Sion, you can discover the historic center, the Domaine des Iles and Montorge. On request, and all year round, there are extra tours for weddings, company outings, or other events.

  • Stockalper Castle: an empty palace
      Stockalper Castle: an empty palace Culture/Sightseeing

    The castle was built in the 17th century by Kaspar Stockalper, and represents Switzerland’s largest private construction of the times. Thanks to his knowledge in trade, Stockalper was richer and more powerful than other noble gentry. Today, the castle is uninhabited and visitors enjoy guided tours.

  • ViaStockalper: a piece of pass history
      ViaStockalper: a piece of pass history Hiking

    With the extension of the trade path over the Simplon Pass, Kaspar Stockalper established an excellent basis for his trade imperium. Trace back history on the ViaStockalper path that leads from Brig to Domodossola. Here, at times, you find yourself treading on the old, original plastering of the notorious Alps pass crossing.