Alpine Hike around Piz Sezner

From one alp to the next - with or without climbing a peak. This is hiking to your heart’s content. The region between Obersaxen and Vella in Val Lumnezia offers fantastic trails and magnificent views.

GroupsHiking and nature

From Obersaxen Meierhof, we head out in the direction of Miraniga and continue on to Wali, the starting point of a spectacular alpine hike which leads via Alp Stavonas, Alp Prada, and Alp Naul to Alp Nova. The trail then descends on the Lugnez side toward Alp Sezner and Vella, meandering between countless huts and barns. Another option, although without an actual path, is to climb up to the summit of Piz Sezner (2310 m) from Alp Nova. The panoramic views from the top of Piz Terri, Piz Aul and the Tödi group towering above the town of Trun are magnificent. We return from Piz Sezner via Claveira to Wali and continue along a small road to Miraniga and Meierhof, or as an alternative, you could go back to Meierhof via Sässli ravine.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours
Level of difficulty: difficult



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(Foto: Graubünden Ferien)