Schellenursli and typical Engadine buildings

Guarda, a gem of a village, is the setting of a children’s story that touches the hearts of kids and adults alike.

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Guarda is a village situated in the midst of the fairytale scenery of the Lower Engadine and the home of Schellenursli, the protagonist of a famous Swiss children’s story. Guarda, with magnificent sgraffito-adorned building façades, enjoys national protection because of its exceptional architectural value. The village is a wonderful place to linger, admire its architecture and hear about its fascinating history.

The children’s book “A Bell for Ursli”, written by Selina Chönz and illustrated by Alois Carigiet, was published in 1945. Throughout the decades, the mountain boy who didn’t have a bell to participate in the local custom of chasing out the evil spirits of winter has always been very popular with the kids of Switzerland. A stroll along the Schellenursli Path is sure to bring back memories.

Map: Guarda


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