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The community of Comano, on the watershed between the Vedeggio and Cassarate rivers, enjoys matchless view over the Lugano and Agno bays.

The parish church of Santa Maria at the centre of the village is an historic monument opposite the new Prospò centre: This is a park which won the ASPAN prize in 1996. It features the statues donated to the municipality by Nag Arnoldi, an artist who lives in Comano and is known internationally.
The municipality, which developed in the 1960s around the two original core villages of Tèra d'sott and Tèra d'sura is now mainly residential.

Comano is the base of the Italian-language Swiss television studios.
Despite substantial building activity over the past 40 years, Comano has succeeded in retaining a harmonious balance between built-up areas and the countryside, thanks to careful planning.
The village, which is just a few minutes outside Lugano, is an ideal departure point for excursions in the woods above it, where walkers can enjoy relaxing rambles in a typical pre-Alpine setting.
Destinations include the hill of San Bernardo with the eponymous hermitage, the small lake of Origlio or the Capriasca villages.

Ristorante Ratatouille

For information about the menu, opening times and reservations please contact the restaurant directly (tel. +41 (0)91 940 30 57).

Featuring delightful Mediterranean tastes and colours, Ristorante Ratatouille is a feast for the palate. To reach it, head up from the Cureglia roundabout in the direction of Comano. Halfway up, turn left at the restaurant sign. The restaurant was opened a few months ago by the Scarallo family.

The interior has been completely renovated and the modern décor imparts a welcoming feel, with its pastel colours, use of wood and special lamps that create pleasing effects. There is a beautiful signed fresco by Salvioni which dates from 1976.

Sediamoci a tavola. (Time to sit down). As the name implies, the cuisine is Mediterranean in style, with particular attention paid to the freshness and authenticity of the products. The menu features seasonal specialities and a wide choice of seafood, local and vegetarian hors d’oeuvres, while the first courses include a variety of pasta dishes with different sauces, and either fish or Ticinese risottos. The main courses include fillet of sea bream and sea bass, jumbo prawns, white and red meat, grilled meats or Chateaubriand garnished with vegetables and potatoes. The house-made desserts, which include cakes, pastries and cream-based sweets and will entice diners with a sweet tooth. There is a range of excellent Ticinese, Italian and international wines.

(km: 5.4, change in height: 236 m, duration: 2 hrs 35 mins.)

After arriving in Comano by Postbus and enjoying a discount at the restaurant, you can follow the interesting itinerary that starts at the Comano roundabout, a few steps from the restaurant, and passes through the core of the village.


Cover a difference in altitude of 240 m to San Bernardo – this is the section that demands the greatest physical effort. The route winds its way through the Capriasca woods, following both paths and forestry roads. Having reached the San Bernardo Oratory, a pleasant place for a rest and an interesting panoramic point, descend via the Torre di Redde where, 100 m further on, you will find the San Clemente Oratory. This area of historical, cultural and natural interest is a popular destination with locals seeking a quiet place to get away from it all.

The Torre di Redde is situated opposite the San Clemente Oratory and from here you can see part of the ruins buried by the eponymous medieval village. Restoration work on the tower was completed at the end of 1999. A plaque at the eastern side of the tower presents information about its history and the restoration.

Continue on through woods and fields to arrive in Vaglio, then walk along the cantonal road for a brief stretch before re-entering the woods along a forestry road that takes you to Tesserete. An easy alternative for anyone wishing to shorten the route is to continue straight along the forestry road from the San Clemente Oratory, bearing left towards Vaglio.

You can return from Tesserete to Lugano in comfort by Postbus or on one of the regional buses (Autolinee Regionali Luganesi).

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