PubliBike is the joint bike sharing service from PostBus, SBB and Rent a Bike. The three partners have combined their skills to provide a solution offering customers across the whole of Switzerland an easy means of borrowing bicycles and e-Bikes using a national, electronic access card.

Bike sharing is a component of combined mobility. It is the ideal complement to public and private transport over short distances, easing traffic congestion in city centres while improving users’ health. With the bike sharing service, PostBus opens up the “last mile” for customers and increases the attractiveness of public transport. PubliBike is also suitable for connecting business locations, e.g. universities, administrations or large company premises.

Anyone using PubliBike arrives conveniently by public transport before collecting their self-service personal means of transport and enjoying a ride through the city centre by bicycle or e-Bike.

PubliBike incorporates the tried-and-tested features of bike sharing, optimizing and extending them to offer numerous advantages compared with existing services:

  • PubliBike has expanded the bike-sharing service to include e-Bikes.
  • Bicycles and e-Bikes are available for self-service hire 24 hours a day.
  • With an RFID card, and starting August 2015 with the new SwissPass for public transportation, members enjoy easy access to all PubliBike facilities throughout  Switzerland.
  • Members enjoy easy access to all PubliBike facilities throughout  Switzerland by means of an RFID card.
  • PubliBike is not only available to membership holders! At selected points of sale spontaneous users can buy a DayPass to rent a bicycle or an E-bike. Payment can be made by credit card at stations equipped with a user terminal.
  • Companies can grant their employees access to the service using their employee identification badge.
  • It is possible to check the real-time availability of bicycles and e-Bikes  online or using the smartphone app.

The PubliBike network continues to grow steadily and provides more than 1,100 bicycles and E-bikes at over 110 stations throughout Switzerland (as of March 2015). In the spring of 2016 PubliBike will also launch a bike sharing network in the city of Zurich, which will be expanded from an initial 35 stations with 500 bicycles and E-bikes to at least 100 stations with 1,500 bicycles and E-bikes by 2017.