Mobility potential in conurbations

PostBus is breaking new ground in order to continue providing an optimal range of road-based public transport services in the future too. To establish whether the existing public transport offering meets the current needs of citizens living in conurbations, a method has been developed which takes into account actual traffic relations and requirements. Furthermore, sample census data from 2005 have been investigated in more detail than ever before and combined with additional sources of information. This revealed the high standard of public transport connections currently in existence between conurbations as well as further potential for improvement. With the aid of data from the latest sample census survey carried out in 2010 by the Confederation, we now have a large-scale opportunity to assess and further optimize our existing public transport offering using this method.

The following documents are available to download:

  • Synthesis paper (summary)
  • Conurbation pilot in Berne
  • In-depth study on traffic behaviour in the conurbations of Lausanne, Lugano and Berne
  • Fürstenland region

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